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Dear Orlando Auto Glass,

Bullet proof glass is something that I have heard about since I was younger. I usually hear about it being used on cars that drive around the president or someone very rich. I understand why they would have it. I mean, they probably get the most death threats and kill plots against them seeing as they are powerful and rich. I was just wondering what the difference was between regular glass and bullet proof auto glass? I mean, I get that it is somehow stronger than regular glass, but how is this possible? Does it actually stop bullets from breaking the glass and getting into the car or is the glass just stronger so that it will hopefully stop a bullet? I just find it so confusing on how it works. I have just been so interested in this for awhile and would love a trained professional to give me an answer rather than search on the internet. Thank you for any information you can give me.

Dear Curious Consumer,

We completely understand your curiosity. It is not like every car around has bullet proof or bullet resistant auto glass. In fact, most people really do not need it. If you are in danger of getting shot while driving than you have many more problems to deal with. This type of auto glass is usually used on high profile people such as celebrities, CEOs, or a leader such as the Pope or the President.

Bullet proof glass is actually fairly simple to understand. It is actually a combination of glass and plastic layers that are laminated together. This type of glass is actually about three or more inches compared to regular glass which is much less than an inch thick. This type of glass also goes through extensive tests. It is actually made to withstand any type of bullet from any type of gun at any range. There is also bullet resistant glass. This is nowhere near as strong as bullet proof glass, but is still beneficial. It is made the same way, but is only about three fourths of an inch thick. It is only able to withstand certain types of bullets from certain ranges.

If you were to have bullet proof or bullet resistant auto glass installed in your vehicle for whatever reason you may have, you would actually have to rework many other parts of your vehicle. This is true because the glass is so much thicker than normal factory grade. There will need to be changes made so that the fittings are large enough to hold three inches of glass in place.

We hope this information has helped you. We highly hope that there is never a reason for you to have bullet proof glass installed in your own vehicle. If there ever was a need for such a glass, you usually need to go to a specialty auto glass shop that is capable of doing such a large job.

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